Intensely painted dark walls, closed wooden shutters, candle-light and the natural world inspire illustrator Jude Wisdom. The dining room is where Jude works on her illustrations. The darkness inside keeps the world outside at bay.
Jude’s artwork can be seen on the chimney breast, garlands of ivy are strung above, old books and vases of dried flowers and branches decorate.
An old French daybed found in the market can be seen in the corner, with one of Jude’s pictures above, more branches are used as decoration.
A vintage French nightshirt is used as decoration on the door into the sitting room, Jude picks them up from the flea market. Her collection of treasures; coral, a birds nest, pebbles and more branches are displayed.
Flory has reclaimed the top of the house since her older siblings moved out, this part of the house is flooded with natural light. Flory has decorated the room with ivy, dried leaves and some fern prints she has made.

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