Like a set from a film Whinnie’s dining room is signature 1970s, the £30 glass table and chairs were from Harlow charity shop Echo. The ceiling lights were from Chiswick car boot, the wallpaper is Woodchip and Magnolia and the mid-century record player cabinet was £100 from Whistle Dixie in Margate. Coloured P&B glassware can be seen on the table with vases from Sunny Vintage and Retro in Margate and the stripy vinyl Forbo floor is school flooring.
‘Nothing in this house has really been bought new, it is more of a challenge and much more fun that everything has a story.’ The stripy Forbo vinyl flooring comes in a range of colours. Cushions from P&B can be seen on the vintage 1970s eBay sofa alongside the mid-century chair and cabinet.
Brian at home on a P&B upholstered vintage chair. The terrazzo flooring was inspired by a hairdresser in Venice.
In 1895 the Shell Grotto was discovered underground in Margate, this ornate and mysterious vast shell mosaic inspired Whinnie to create this room, she painted the ceiling pearlescent and hand painted the murals. The plaster cast fireplace was found on eBay for £20 and she began to stick on shells. ‘Tom wouldn’t help, he said: “this is your madness”. The shell room has been the hardest because it is so intricate, but that makes me love the space, knowing that no-one else has got it.’
The marbled ceiling created curtesy of P&B wallpaper, Margate Marble in Emerald Pinky, bamboo bedhead, bedside table, lampshade and fan all come together to provide the Chinese theme Whinnie was inspired to create in this bedroom.

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